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Limousine Amenities

If you want a ride to an airport, a wedding, or just a great night out, a limousine rental can be the ultimate in style and luxury. 


 Our vehicles come "fully loaded" with all the latest amenities!


  • Color TVs and VCR
  • Sun roof/ Moon roof
  • Complimentary bar
  • Fiber optic neon lights
  • Satellite tracking system
  • Chrome rims
  • Champagne*
  • Fiber optics Neon bar
  • Leather seats
  • Privacy partitions
  • Nonsmoking vehicles
  • Stereo and CD player
  • Crystal glassware
  • Multilingual, professional chauffeurs

* upon request

Limousine Amenities and Benefits

Limousines, unlike rental cars or cabs, are designed to cater to every need of a customer, from trained drivers specializing in finding optimal routes to the equipment needed to make a party last just a little bit longer.

As such, it has become tradition to take a limousine to prom dances as well as for the bride and groom to be transported to and from on their big day. Naturally, price goes hand in hand with accommodations, so that cheap limo companies may not boast as many of the features and limousine amenities as their major league competitors, but will still provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

Nearly every limousine, from small towncar service rides to executive limo juggernauts, is fully clad in premium leather. Some custom built limousines have suede or even fur linings, but the majority are comfortably and conservatively clad in the highest quality leather for a sheer silky feeling.

Likewise, most limo rentals include limousine amenities such as a fully stocked alcohol bar to keep a party running late into the night; some include this as an all in one fee, while other companies will deduct the cost of drinks separately.

These bars can be simple mini fridges filled with beer, wine, or liquor, but others give a nightclub a run for it's money in quality, featuring crystal stemware, marble counters, fully functional sinks, and neon lights to complete the effect. A retractable roof is a staple of private tour limousines so that you and your friends can take the party outside if desired!

Entertainment features are a big part of limousine amenities, making sure that all customers are entertained while they travel in style. Plasma screen televisions, DVD players, and surround sound speakers can be found in the trendiest limos for hire.

Larger private tour limousines -- such as the popular stretch Hummer limousine -- can fit a dance floor and karaoke machine, with a crystal chandelier or disco ball to match the decor.

There is no ride on the streets that can match a VIP limo rental. From a quick trip to a hotel to a day's tour about downtown, a limo is the ultimate in style and comfort. Check out availability and pricing guides from local outlets to book a limousine night on the town!

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